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Phakic lens

Phakic lenses are a good solution for people with sight defects which cannot be corrected using an excimer laser.

New: Visian ICL lenses – produced by STAAR

This procedure is most commonly applied in the case of severe near-sightedness, although it may be an alternative to laser correction for people who who have a slight defect but cannot or do not wish to undergo laser correction treatment.

Since November 2014, Visian ICL phakic lenses have been available from the US company STAAR. These are posterior-chamber lenses, attached to the iris of the eye. Visian ICL is a foldable lens implanted through a micro-incision, which does not require additional stitches. After the first eye has been operated on, a lens may be implanted into the other eye of the same patient after a few days. The period of convalescence lasts only a few days.


We agree the date of the operation with patients after accepting that they are eligible. Due to the need to obtain an the individually chosen lens, patients pay an advance on the cost of the operation.

The rest is paid on the day of the procedure. The patient arrives at the agreed time. Please bring slippers, and a dressing gown if necessary. The patient spends 2-3 hours at the clinic. The operation itself lasts around 20 minutes.

Check-ups and convalescence

1st visit – 2 days after the operation.

Appointments for further check-ups are made after the first.

Healing time is around a week. If both eyes are to be operated on, this can be done after waiting two weeks. During this time the patient does not yet have full vision, so the second eye should be operated on as soon as possible for full comfort of vision.

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