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Iniekcje doszklistkowe - rodzaje preparatu


JETREA – used for conditions at the vitreoretinal junction. The vitreous body is the tissue which fills the inside of the eye and touches the retina. When the human body ages, this tissue becomes gradually more rarefied and detaches from the retina. This is just physiology.

In some patients, this process is subject to various disorders, and as a result various conditions affect the macular hole, retinal membrane and traction system. The patient begins to see badly – the image is distorted. These conditions were previously only treated surgically with the aid of a vitrectomy. In the spring of 2014, a new preparation appeared on the Polish market – Jetrea – which is designed to dissolve the protein matrix. The drug is applied in the form of an intravitreal injection under local anaesthetic, but in the operating theatre in fully sterile conditions.

EYLEA – used to treat the exudative (wet) form of AMD

OZURDEX – used to treat thrombosis of the veins in the eyeball

LUCENTIS – used to treat the exudative (wet) form of AMD

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Dr. Magdalena Ulińska MD

Has been an eye disease specialist since 1993. She defended her doctoral thesis on ophthalmology…

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Dr. Hab. Agnieszka Kamińska MD

Ophthalmologist, microsurgeon with many years of experience. A graduate of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine…

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