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The Laser Eye Microsurgery Centre in Siedlce is a branch of the Warsaw clinic founded by Prof. Jerzy Szaflik in 1996 – Poland’s largest non-public institution using the most modern methods for diagnosing and treating sight defects.

Each of our patients undergoes a series of tests at their very first visit.
These include:

  • measuring the cornea thickness
  • evaluating the filtration angle width
  • precise measurements of the optic nerve and other structures damaged during the process of glaucoma, e.g. ganglion layers in the spot

The OCT Triton apparatus also enables us to take colour photographs of the eyegrounds, including the optic nerve. This apparatus also allows us to conduct a fluorescein angiography as well as non-invasive Angio OCT – specialist tests enabling a precise assessment of the condition of the retina. These are particularly useful for diabetes sufferers and diseases of the retinal vessels. The tests are the specialisation of Dr. Anna Borucka MD and Dr. Marta Kita-Mosek.

There is also ultrasound equipment at the Siedlce clinic. This enables clarification of whether the spidery or fly-shaped floaters the patient sees are symptoms of a serious disease requiring urgent treatment, or just a change which comes with age and does not involve any risk of sight loss. Ultrasound tests are carried out by the head of our Siedlce branch, Dr Marzena Gabrysiak-Wąsowska.

The ultrasound along with the Lenstar apparatus are also used to calculate intraocular lenses. This means that we are able to carry out all the ophthalmic tests necessary to assign a patient to laser treatment or surgery. Eligibility tests for these operations are conducted by long-term collaborators of the main facility in Warsaw – Justyna Izdebska MD and Dr. Wojciech Kołodziejczyk MD. This means that the patient goes to Warsaw just for the operation. Post-operation check-ups are done at our clinic in Siedlce.

Patients also have the opportunity to consult with Professor Jerzy Szaflik, whose advice is invaluable in cases where there is doubt, when making the right decision for the patient requires knowledge and many years of experience in the most complicated situations.