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Why are the eyes most important?

Because you won’t see the score or the director’s hand, or even your own children!!!

It could have happened to me.

Luckily there is Prof. Szaflik, who made sure that misfortune ever happened.

And I came close…..

Vadim Brodski

Why are the eyes most important?

When Red Riding Hood remarked to the wolf, disguised as her Grandmother, what big eyes he had, he replied:

“All the better to see how lovely you are”!

There’s nothing more beautiful than looking into the eyes of your loved ones – you notice the shine, the emotions, joys both great and small.

The eyes are like mirrors which reflect human feelings, and for me the eyes are the captain of all the senses. And although their size makes no difference to good sight, their condition is of great importance for the quality of how we perceive the beauty of the world around us. Everybody does see slightly differently, but it’s important to see CLEARLY. So let’s look after our eyes, because they’re a valuable treasure, and above all they have to last us a lifetime.

Karol Strasburger

Why are the eyes most important?

I see – a beautiful feeling

Grzegorz Markowski