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The Eye Laser Microsurgery Centre

was founded in 1996 by Prof. Jerzy Szaflik – long-term head of the Ophthalmology Faculty and Clinic at Warsaw Medical University, author and co-author of nearly 290 scientific publications, 16 textbooks, editor-in-chief of 2 medical periodicals and speaker at over 324 national and international conferences. A pioneer of ophthalmology, Professor Jerzy Szaflik created the Eye Tissue Bank in Warsaw, which began functioning in 1995. In addition, he concentrated along with an international team of researchers on problems of ophthalmic genetics and introduced the extracapsular cataract extraction technique. He was one of the first Polish surgeons to apply the modern cataract extraction surgery method

of phacoemulsification, and recently also femtosecond laser cataract surgery. In 2012, the Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) decided to award Prof. Jerzy Szaflik a PAN Medal for outstanding service to Polish and world science. The main fields of specialisation at the Laser Eye Microsurgery Centre include cataract, glaucoma and keratoconus surgery, as well as retinal operations. CMO Laser was the first non-public ophthalmic surgery centre in Poland to introduce laser correction of sight defects. The clinic treats near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. CMO LASER is one of the few Polish institutions to also start operating using wavefront or corneal topography.

Not only do these techniques allow to correct the visual impairmet, but also to improve the quality of vision in patients with congenital irregular corneal astigmatism and those after previous refractive procedures, cataract removal, corneal transplants. In selected cases, such procedures are also performed in patients with keratoconus and combined with cross-linking. Thanks to the use of modern equipment and innovative surgical techniques, the laser vision correction procedure is painless, takes only 15 minutes, and the laser operates for only about 20 – 40 seconds. The patient does not feel any pain or discomfort and can return to their daily activities after about 5 days.

In 2017, was opened a new clinic headquarters  at ul. Dolański 2 in Warsaw, who will ensure full comfort when making use of the ophthalmology services. Its usable floor space has been increased fourfold compared to the previous premises, with the addition of a total of 17 modern consultation rooms, 2 operating theatres and comprehensive diagnostic support. The clinic’s new seat is also a response to the needs of patients of all ages. As well as paediatric ophthalmology, the clinic is introducing a special care programme for people with diabetes – there will be a diabetologist among the specialists available.