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Price list

Diagnostic examinations

Angio – OCT300 zł
Fluorescein angiography360 zł
Indocyanine angiography800 zł
Application of lens during ophthalmological visit20 zł
Autorefractometer (computer sight testing)20 zł
Electro-oculograph test – EOG450 zł
Electroretinograph test – ERG450 zł
Electrophysiology test VEP350 zł
Histopathology test150 zł
Advice with examination towards demodex220 zł
Test for demodex110
LENSTAR biometry - measuring the length of the eyeball (does not include calculating intraocular lens)one eye 75 zł
two eyes 150 zł
CONFOSCANone eye 200 zł
two eyes 300 zł
Gonioscopy100 zł
Colour photography of the eye (anterior section) NEW150 zł
Colour photography of the eyeground NEW150 zł
OCT – glaucoma module240 zł
OCT – glaucoma and mascular module350 zł
OCT – mascular module240 zł
OSA – Comprehensive eye surface and tear analyser (NIBUT, interferometry, tear meniscus height)150 zł
OSA – Meibography150 zł
Pachymetry and endothelial examination60 zł
Rinsing of the lacrimal ductstwo eyes 150 zł
Field of vision MATRIX NEWone eye 40 zł
two eyes 60 zł
Field of visionone eye 50 zł
two eyes 100 zł
Tonometry (eyeball pressure test taking cornea thickness into account)50 zł
Corneal topographyone eye 120 zł
two eyes 150 zł
GALILEI corneal topography100 zł
USG of eyeballs160 zł
UBM of eyeballs270 zł
Intravenous injection (without medicine)45 zł
Conjunctival and peribulbar (around the eye) injection (without examination costs)40 zł
Issuing a health certificate for official purposes or for a declaration based on available medical documentation100 zł
Depo-Medrol injection100 zł
Applying a lensone eye 70 zł
Applying hydrogel plugs to permanently seal tear pointsone eye 500 zł
two eyes 750 zł
Applying 3-month collagen plugsone eye 60 zł